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Linchpin Books was set up in 2010 to offer authors of high quality management books a professional platform to share their valuable work with as many interested people as possible. Linchpin Books’ aim is to give voice to creative people that have stories to share and experience to offer the next generation of managers and leaders.
Our philosophy is ‘keep it engaging, entertaining and informative’. When we read a novel or autobiography we expect it to challenge, inform and inspire, so why should a management book be any different?

If you are an author, experienced business executive, technical guru or indeed anyone with a story worth sharing please feel free to email our review panel for advice and further guidance.
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Katrin Winkler & Nicola Bramwell 

Based on a newly extended transformational leadership model.

Chagwa V1.0

Jürgen van Gorp

As the world enters into an unparalleled period of exponential change.

The Castle

Jürgen van Gorp

Explains in a lighthearted way the vital importance of documentation in project management.

The Change Manager's handbook

Harley Lovegrove

A step-by-step guide to sustainable change

What readers say about our books


At the end of the first decade of the twenty first century a new generation of leaders is emerging. Leaders that have many followers but very few employees. Leaders that need to show vision and inspire creativity without having the traditional line of authority. The Essential Elements of Inspirational Leadership that Harley prescribes are as relevant for this new generation of ‘virtual’ leaders as for any other. ‘Inspirational Leadership’ is a truly thought provoking and inspiring book

Dries Buytaert, Founder and project lead Drupal, co-founder and CTO Acquia

If you get involved in company for a project assignment where you truly have to “make a difference”, this book is a must read.I have read many business books, taken many classes, and have been involved in management assignments in small and medium companies.I must say that this book has a special ‘tone’ of its own, that cuts through the fluff of many other books. Thanks to its ‘no-nonsense’ approach, and many examples, you feel that you have a coach on your side, to help you excel in your next project or interim management missions.

Roald Cyberath

When you read the book cover to cover, you meet yourself often. This book is certainly a recommendation to anyone who works on management level, top!

Marie Van Hooidonck

Inspirational Leadership, an interesting and well written book, by an author who is a passionate practitioner of his subject. A book that I found difficult to put down.


With his natural unforced style, based on his own experience, Harley again makes a difference by engaging with his readers and encouraging them to think up for themselves. A truly inspirational book!

Jean Paul Schupp, Innovation manager

Making a difference is highly motivational book and if ever any manager or CEO needed that 'shove' to overcome inertia of starting to solve corporate problems, then this is it.

Peter Horwood / Business Consultant

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