Leadership for a changing World

Connectedness: Leadership for a Changing World, is based on a newly extended transformational leadership model, and the book considers how leaders can connect with others by caring, inspiring, appreciating, developing and empowering.  It also considers how balance can be achieved between doing the right thing for the business (effective management) and doing them in the right way for people (leadership principles).  By establishing a transformational environment for teams, projects or organizations, our human need to contribute and succeed can be harnessed. 

Designed as a management textbook, many key business and organizational concepts are reviewed and applied to challenges in the 21st century. What is different is the shift from a traditional, hierarchic notion of control, to values of trust and fulfilment that can be applied equally well in small teams, virtual teams and global corporations. This shift can also be applied equally well by individual managers, project leaders or senior executives with the desire and imagination to create a shared sense of purpose.

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Professor Dr. Katrin Winkler, Human Resources and Leadership professor at the University of Applied Sciences (UAS) Kempten, Germany    and   Nicola Bramwell MBA, business leader and expert in strategy, management and leadership.


Leadership, management, virtual communication, personal development, people development, transformational environments.

About the Authors
Professor Dr. Katrin Winkler

Professor Dr Katrin Winkler is a Human Resources and Leadership professor at the University of Applied Sciences (UAS) Kempten, Germany. As both academic professor and having many years’ experience leading international teams and consulting for leaders around the world, she shares her insights on effective leadership and how to motivate and inspire people.

Nicola Bramwell

Nicola Bramwell has an MBA and business background in strategic marketing, general management, human resource management, organizational design and leadership. She has held senior positions in blue chip companies in complex industries and shares much expertise in innovative leadership, leading change, and developing effective communication skills and personal impact.

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