Inspirational Leadership

The 5 essential elements

Inspirational Leadership is a thought provoking collection of short stories and observations that combine to show us how Inspirational Leaders win the support, trust and loyalty of their colleagues, family and friends.

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The 5 essential elements of Inspirational Leadership

It is generally understood that Inspirational leaders are that rare breed of people that not only have vision but are also able to share it with others. But where does their vision come from and how can we find it in the chaos we call life? Inspirational Leadership uncovers five essential elements that we need to nurture and kept in balance if we are to reach our true potential.

Inspirational leadership is a thought provoking collection of short, engaging observations that demonstrate clearly what it is we need in order to the win the support, trust and loyalty of our colleagues, family and friends.

In this, Harley Lovegrove’s second book, his fresh and natural writing style brings home the fundamental truth to self understanding and improvement in the field of leadership and management. His real life stories and observations are delicately laced with the results of his research and first hand observations of working with some of the top inspirational leaders of our time.

What are Inspirational Leaders?

Inspirational leaders are much more than great motivators, much more than just charismatic icons. In fact the majority of Inspirational leaders are not what one might describe as charismatic at all. These special people seem to have the knack of consistently making good or great decisions, they are able to take on board a wide range of parameters and to mould them into strategies with vision.

Inspirational leaders sometimes lead by example but, more often than not, they lead in much the same way as the great symphonic orchestra conductors; first by studying in immense detail their subject matter and only then, as if by magic, inspiring the talent that surrounds them to deliver extraordinary results.

Inspirational Leaders have influence on all those that enter their space and take the time to listen. From secretaries and line managers, to boardroom colleagues and shareholders, the inspirational leader binds his or her team together and gives meaning to the way their employees conduct their business lives. But just when you are beginning to think that this book is only about leaders in business, let me reassure you, that inspirational leaders can be found in every kind of environment; be it at home as a parent, or in a religious or charitable community, or even in politics and academia. The essential elements that allow leaders to inspire others to achieve beyond their expectations is as relevant and important in those areas as it is in any commercial environment.

About the author
Harley Lovegrove

Harley Lovegrove has been managing change in both giant multinationals and tiny family businesses for the last three decades. Together with his colleagues at The Bayard Partnership, there is very little that he has not seen or witnessed on the subject of project and change management.

Working for big brands such as Levis and Bayer he won international recognition for his ‘Organisational Readiness’ methodology and his pragmatic, down to earth approach to managing change.

Author of four books: 'The Change Manager's Handbook', 'Transition', 'Inspirational Leadership' and 'Making a Difference'.  Harley was one of the founding partners of The Bayard Partnership and is recognised as a thought leader in the field of change, program and project management. Originally from the UK, today he lives in Tienen, Belgium focusing mainly on writing, preparing keynote speeches, producing podcasts and designing visionary workshops.

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