Leadership for a changing World

Connectedness: Leadership for a Changing World, is based on a newly extended transformational leadership model, and the book considers how leaders can connect with others by caring, inspiring, appreciating, developing and empowering.  It also considers how balance can be achieved between doing the right thing for the business (effective management) and doing them in the right way for people (leadership principles).  By establishing a transformational environment for teams, projects or organizations, our human need to contribute and succeed can be harnessed. 

Inspirational Leadership


Inspirational Leadership is a thought provoking collection of short stories and observations that combine to show us how Inspirational Leaders win the support, trust and loyalty of their colleagues, family and friends.

Inspireer en Leid


Inspireer en Leid is een verzameling korte verhalen en observaties die tot nadenken stemmen en ons laten zien hoe inspirerende leiders de steun, het vertrouwen en de loyaliteit van hun collega's, familie en vrienden winnen.

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